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The Challenge of Change

And we're back!

It has been awhile since I've made a blog post, and I've been doing a lot of spotlights lately, which have been great! But it hasn't given me a lot of opportunity to talk about my PKU journey lately.

So what's been happening?


I came to Washington State from Vancouver Canada in March of 2021. My (now) husband and I had planned to get married in August 2021, but we wanted to get the ball rolling on immigration, so we did what any logical couple would do during a pandemic....we got married twice!

Our first wedding date was May 8, 2021, and our second date was August 13, 2021. We honeymooned in Oregon for the first one, and Hawaii for the second one!

If you're interested in hearing what it's like travelling with PKU, I would read either Mariah or Jen's PKU spotlight on my blog!

Anyways, what does this have to do with PKU? Well, I had to change clinics, insurance companies, medicine providers, etc, etc, etc. I'm actually going to write about insurance in a different blog because that is a whole journey on its own.

I was sad to leave my clinic in Vancouver, because I had really good relationships with the staff there, and I had been a patient there for around 10 years. Thankfully, my dietician had a relationship with a dietician at the OHSU PKU clinic (Oregon) so I decided to go there. I had also heard that the clinic in Oregon was world renown and so I chose to go there over the Washington clinic. I live almost in between the two clinics anyways so one isn't too much farther than the other.

Since I've been here, I've learned a lot in regards to who I am as a PKU Patient. I've gained a whole new team of medical professionals, I started an instagram about my PKU journey at @sam.pku and have met a lot of people through there, I've learned how to cook chicken, beef and pork for my carnivore husband (which I will also talk about in a different blog), and have learned there are a lot of differences when it comes to PKU not only internationally, but also state wide.

Overall, I'm really liking where I live, I can't believe its been almost a year! I'm a big fan of the PNW and feel very blessed to live in such a place. Although moving countries and clinics has had its challenges (and I mean CHALLENGES), it also comes with access to a drug I haven't been able to have access to Canada that could potentially change my life...

More to come

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