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Palynziq and Weight Gain

Add this to the list of things doctors don't tell you about new treatment.

This never even crossed my mind. But it makes sense.

Since starting Palynziq, I have gained 25 pounds.

Since starting Palynziq I have been able to eat 60 MORE grams of protein than I used to be able to.

Since starting Palynziq, I am eating foods I've never eaten before, like cheese, sugary foods like chocolate, fatty foods like nuts, beyond and impossible meat that are easily accessible from fast food stores.

So....I gained weight.

And you know what? That's okay.

I have grace for my body because I am eating things I have never eaten before.

I have grace for my body because I am being brave trying new things.

I have grace for my body because I have never had to manage my weight in this way before.

I have grace for my body because I am ingesting an amount of protein that I never thought would ever be possible!


When you are trying a new treatment, you are taking in new medicine, dealing with side effects, trying new foods, re-learning your body and how it works, your metabolism is saying "what the heck is going on?!"

So have fun. Try new things. Reach out for support. Learn a lot! Recognize how amazing your body is for the changes it goes through, and love yourself through it.

You're doing amazing things <3

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