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Maternal PKU Series: Jill

Hi everyone!

This week's Maternal PKU story is from Jill, who experienced what it is like to have children both on and off diet. I'm excited for you to read about her courage and bravery throughout the process!

Jill also has a youtube channel where she talks about her Palynziq journey, check it out here!

Here is her interview:

Name? Jill Allen

Where am I from? Salt Lake City ,Utah

What's your tolerance? 6-8g

Have you always been on diet? No. I was off 26 years

What formula are you on? PKU air and phenylade essential

Do you take any other medications for PKU? I'm on palynziq since March 2019

Can you explain what maternal PKU is? Follow diet 100% over have 2 children 1 off diet 1 on diet

How far before conception did you start planning to have kids? #1 I wasn't on diet at all #2 I was on diet 6 months before we got pregnant

What did your preparation look like? On diet 3 months before I knew what I wanted

What was the hardest part about prepping for baby? I think waiting that 3 months to get my level in range

Was it easy to keep your levels down during pregnancy? Hard? Why? Yes and no. I knew it wasn't about me. Eating the same food over and over

Tell us about you're children? Do they have PKU? Makayla is 19yo I had her off diet she autistic short and delayed . Juliette she's 3yo sassy ahead of most kids her age. I was on diet the whole time before and after. Both girls are pku free

What was the most nerve wracking experience and how did I overcome it? I think it was figuring how to eat after baby. I gained a lot with my last baby.

What foods did you carve if any? Easy Mexican tacos and taco salads 3xs a week at least

Do you have any advice for PKU people wanting to become moms? yes!!!! Diet is key for happy healthy pregnancies and you can make anything PKU friendly

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